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08/08/00 Press Release: Dr. Peter J. Jannetta  joins Allegheny General Hospital Department of Neurosurgery
  Pittsburgh, PA - Peter J. Jannetta, M.D., a world-renowned neurosurgeon specializing in the treatment of cranial nerve disorders, has joined the Department of Neurosurgery at Allegheny General Hospital (AGH). Jannetta, who leaves his post as Chairman Emeritus of the Department of Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center after 29 years of service, will assume the role of Professor of Neurosurgery at AGH.

Those suffering from trigeminal neuralgia or another cranial nerve disorder can now reach Dr. Jannetta at the following toll free number: 1-877-284-2000.

Dr. Jannetta is recognized foremost for his groundbreaking research into the pathology and treatment of cranial nerve compression syndromes, conditions of impairment of one or more of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves involved in, among other things, motor function of the tongue, eyes and facial muscles. The most prominent of these syndromes is trigeminal neuralgia (TGN), a condition of chronic, often debilitating, pain of the cheek, lips, gums or chin on one side of the face. Identifying the cause of the TGN as compression of the fifth cranial nerve - the trigeminal nerve - by surrounding blood vessels, Dr. Jannetta developed a microvascular decompression procedure that now offers patients an effective therapeutic alternative when medications fail. The long-term effectiveness of the procedure was heralded by the New England Journal of Medicine in 1996.

Microvascular decompression is a microscopic procedure that involves creating a small opening in the skull behind the ear to examine the trigeminal nerve, reposition any compressive arteries and place a protective pad between the nerve and artery. If the blood vessel pressing on the nerve is a vein, it may be treated in similar fashion or surgically removed. Related conditions effectively treated as a result of Jannetta's innovation include hemifacial spasm and glossopharyngeal neuralgia, a disorder of the ninth cranial nerve that interferes with a patient's ability to taste and may cause chronic pain of tongue and throat.

Among Dr. Jannetta's current research endeavors include investigating the efficacy of vascular decompression surgery for the treatment of vertigo, or chronic dizziness and tinnitus, and the role of vascular compression in patients with neurogenic essential hypertension, other cardiac dysfunction and endocrine problems.

5-17-00 Live Internet Chat - Dr. Marcus Keep

Dr. Marcus Keep M.D., neurosurgeon at St. Francis Medical Center in Hawaii will host a Live Internet chat to answer your questions about Gamma Knife Surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia, Wednesday, June 28, 2000 -12pm (Hawaii Time) 6pm (Eastern Standard Time)

1-24-00 Trileptal approved by FDA 
Trileptal (oxcabazepine) was approved for treatment of epilepsy in the United State and will be available in pharmacies sometime in Februaray, 2000.  It has been used to treat Trigeminal Neuralgia and appears to have fewer side-effects than its cousin, Tegretol. 
2-26-00 Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Workshop
The Trigeminal Neuralgia Association and, Cedars-Sinai Skull Base Institute are co-sponsoring a TN Patient Workshop Saturday, February 26, 2000 from 8:30-3pm at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Harvey Morse Auditorium, 8700 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, California.  Call 1-800-CEDARS-1 for free reservations. Learn about treatment options and symptom management from experts in the field. 
8:30-9:30am Registration


9:30-9:45am Welcome Hrayr Shahinian, MD - Director Cedars-Sinai Skull Base Institute.


Clinical Presentation and Medical Management of TN Steven Graff-Radford, DDS - Director, The Pain Center Cedars Sinai Medical Center
10:45-11:45am Radiosurgery Rufus Mark MD
Medical Director, RadiationOncology
Good Samaritan Hospital
11:45-12:30pm Lunch Break  


Endoscopic Microvascular Decompression Surgery Hrayr K. Shahinian, MD


1:30pm-2:30pm Coping with Chronic Pain David Scott, PhD
Psychologist, The Pain Center

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
2:30-3pm Trigeminal Neuralgia Research Reza Jarrahy, MD
Fellow, Cedars-Sinai Skull Base Institute
7-27-99 National Trigeminal Conference date set for the October 26-29, 2000.
  The Third National Trigeminal Neuralgia Conference will be held October 26-29, 2000 at the Doubletree Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is hosted by the University of Pittsburgh. Room costs are $139/day for a single or double room.
7-27-99 National Trigeminal Neuralgia 1998 Conference Report available for purchase.

UPDATE (4-00):  The report is available ONLINE

  The conference report from the second National Trigeminal Neuralgia Conference is available from the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association.  To obtain the report, mail a check or money order for $18 dollars for the first copy,  $5 dollars for the second and further copies, plus $2 dollars for handling and postage, to:

Trigeminal Neuralgia Assn. 
P.O. Box 340 
Barnegat Light, NJ 08006 
Phone: (609) 361-1014 

6-1-99 Clinical Trials for Facial Neuralgia Patients
  The National Institute of Health is conducting a number of clinical trials investigating orofacial pain syndromes. See:  Clinical Trials
4-1-99 Trigeminal Neuralgia Association
International Patient Registry
  The Trigeminal Neuralgia Association has established an International Registry for patients with facial neuralgia disorders.   Their survey will  gather  statistical information about facial neuralgia syndromes, treatment outcomes and side-effects.  All information you send will be kept completely confidential.  To participate:

Visit the website
Phone or write  
Send email

to the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association, requesting a survey be sent to you.  Be sure to include your mailing address and phone number

1-23-99 Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Workshop
  The Trigeminal Neuralgia Association, Cedars-Sinai Skull Base Institute and San Diego Gamma Knife Center are co-sponsoring a TN Patient Workshop, Saturday, January 23, 1999 from 9am-12:30pm at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, Harvey Morse Auditorium, 8700 Beverly Blve., Los Angeles, California.  Call 1-800-CEDARS-1 for free reservations. Learn about treatment options and symptom management from experts in the field.
11-12-98 Trigeminal Neuralgia Association Conference
  TNA held its second national conference in Orlando, Florida  on November 12 - 15, 1998. Here are Pictures from the conference, courtesy of Debby Creps along with Notes from the Conference by Jane Uitti and the TN-L Slide Show about the TN Internet mailing list, courtesy of Jet, a co-leader of TN-L.


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